Dear Reader,

However you found yourself on my page, I truly thank you for taking the time to explore with me and learn more about Peaks of Mind.

My name is Alexander Pancoe and I am 32 years old. At 18, I was faced with one of the scariest challenges of my life. Imagine a series of menacing headaches…and later finding out a tumor was forming in your skull. Luckily, the incredible staff at Lurie Children’s discovered my situation in time, and was able to interfere and successfully complete surgery.

It would be years later before I discovered my love and addiction for summiting the world’s tallest peaks. I never quite considered myself an athlete as a kid, so when I completed my first summit of Mt. Kiliminjaro in Africa, I fell in love with the challenge.

I quickly realized the many challenges climbers face when attempting these life endangering summits. That was only more motivation for me wanting to become the first Chicagoan to complete the Explorer’s Grand Slam!

As I began to build a platform as a climber, I still felt like I had an inner-hole; something was missing. So I returned back to the hospital and doctors that gave me my second chance. There are so many patients and kids that fight every day to deal with challenges way more deafening than mine - so I decided I would help raise 1 Million through my platform…and dedicate each climb to a special child at Lurie’s.

As of July 2019, I have officially completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam. I’ve helped raise over $450K for Lurie Children’s, and hope to continue this success. I welcome you to follow me and my mission and hope you will consider supporting the hospital that saves so many kids each day. My dream would be for these kids to see their potential and also find climbing the world’s tallest peaks something they can grasp!


Alexander Pancoe
Peaks of Mind